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Howling on Hayling Island!!

What a week we have had!! Monday we launched at the Chichester harbour entrance between Hayling and Witterings, a place we dont sail often as the tide has such an effect. With the tide turning to go out and the wind blowing from the south into the harbour it was set perfectly for us! We arrived and it was pouring. There was a few guys out and so we didnt let the rain put us off (although I did wish I had arrived in my wetsuit ready!) and rigged quickly our smallest kit! One run out and back, the rain was painful in the eyes and the wind was super strong, too much. I thought i'd give it 'one more run' just to make sure it wasn't a passing gust...i made it about 5 metres before deciding it really was stupid to be out there and went back to land. Phil was already in, so I kindly offered him my 66 litre and my 3.3m sail!! He flew out, caught a huge wave and then as he got to the bottom of it the sail was so small the wind was blocked by the wave and he was straight in! Once up and out of the waves he was stupidly overpowered again and so we ended the session, it was far too much! A shame because the waves and water state there was looking a lot of fun!

Tuesday we got out again, with friends in the afternoon for low ltide on the Hayling Island sand bar on the west beachlands. The wind was up and down and so nobody seemed to chose the right sail, but it was fun to be with some mates, there was a few nice ramps to be jumping off, and the sun even came out! Wednesday we went a bit earlier in the tide and got much better waves, the wind was again on and off but on my 3.7 and 66 I had a lovely session really enjoying some cross-on wave rides and a few really big jumps!

Today its windy again, our house is whistling which is a sure sign of a good day! We have firends from Bray Lake coming down so hope to hit the water at mid-tide again for more waves and jumping! Tomorrow is also looking a little less windy but still nice SW breeze coming in. I have a lesson with a 17 year old local girl which I am really excited about! After that we are in Poole coachign this weekend, also a nice SW predicted for Saturday so lookig forward to that! Fingers crossed this is how the Autumn will remain, windy and mild!

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