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Maui was simply amazing!

Just back from our first coaching trip to Maui, in fact our first ever trip to Maui! We are already planning the next trip as it really was an amazing place to windsurf and be a windsurfer, with conditions for everyone, not just the advanced wave sailors amongst us.

Windsurfers are in the majority in the beach parks, there are often more windsurfers than there are other beach users, which (other than in the UK winter where the only people on the beach are windsurfers & kiters or the odd windswept dog walker) is a completely new and absolutely fantastic thing for me! Windsurfing in my bikini, hanging on the beach in our UV tent with Ella not worrying about being cold, chilling amongst the shade of the enormous trees in the beach parks, and then enjoying great food in the evenings surrounded by likeminded people in the very cool town of Paia, it really was a great trip. Our small group of students all made the most of every day and the improvements were clear to be seen - sailing with more power and confidence, first real wave rides and some more extreme wave rides, first jumps and/or bigger jumps, better loops, surviving Hookipa and shreading Hookipa and so on - everyone really loved Maui for learning and pushing themselves. The wind blew everyday of our trip and we were treated with a mix of bump and jump and some great waves throughout the 2 weeks. The spots are aplenty to chose from and if need be, Kanaha Beach Park is perfect to practise skills on the inside without needing to hit the waves if you don't want to.

We are already planning to return and to add a freeride course as well as a wave week, to enjoy all the fantastic conditions Maui has to offer....get in touch now if you want to join us!

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