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Rolands Story

Bonaire 2019 - Photoshoot fun with Phil

“After 40 years of windsurfing (with a lot of breaks) I finally decided to stop self-teaching myself. And what did I find? Loads of tutorials on YouTube. One coach really stuck out. A calm voice tells you what you needed to do, with the minimum amount of words. Who is it? Phil Richards. Where do I find him? On his clinics. So, I took the risk and booked 3 clinics in a row, Bonaire, Fuerte and Essaouira last year, with gaps of 2 months in between, hoping that his live-coaching is as good as his tutorials.

On Bonaire I knew it was the right choice. We had a ball on Lac-Bay, where the water is flat and crystal-clear, and one can stand practically everywhere.

The group was great, nice people that were on completely different levels. I practiced my downwind 360, others the jibe, or even just planing. Phil dealt with all these different levels easily. Everybody got the right amount of “Papa’s” attention. Learning progress was very high. I even mastered the Fast-Tack on a small board, which was completely out of reach before.

On Fuerte one member of the group was a freestyle-freak who was forward-looping in flat water. Wow, that impressed me very much!!! He learned most of it with Phil.

This year I again had planned Bonaire, Fuerte and Essaouira again, but Korona decided to interfere. Bonaire, however, was very, very good. We had consistent wind and consistent fun. It was like in paradise there.

As soon as we can travel again I will join the next clinic. Looking very much forward to it!!!

Bonaire 2020 with Phil and Danielle

Roland from Germany, April 2020”

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