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One week in Bonaire

It has been a whole week that Danielle and I have been on the beautiful island of Bonaire. We have also been fortunate enouth to have had wind every day for us to be out planing on 5.2 - 4.8 for me or 4.8 - 4.0 for Danielle.

We have had lots of free time on the water and our bodies are feeling it, it is great to get so much windsurfing. Most of the time we have been really busy coaching with a really cool family who are loving the windsurfing, putting in lots of effort and prgressing well.

Over Christmas and New Years Danielle and i have some more free time before our next clinics to get some free sailing and personal training out on the water, but we are also getting lots of interest for private tuition, which is really good.

We will leave you with a short video of a short freestyle session filmed on the GoPro. There is not much of Danielle as she is camra shy but she did a few moves. We will try to get more footage of Danielle windsurfing over the next week.

Till our next update.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.



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