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Ireland Delivers Again!

Another great week in Donegal.

This month we went back to the beautiful Downings in Donegal, Ireland for a week of flat water coaching.

We were lucky enough to have wind all through the week and students were able to get planing, start using the footstraps, crack some gybes and start taking to the air with some jumping skills too.

Thanks for David Corkill for producing this amazing footage with his drone!

If you fancy joining us in this beautiful location for flat water action or waves then get in touch to join us this September and October.

25th- 28th September will see a flat water weekend in Downings Bay, perfect for brushing up on all sorts of skills from using the harness to carving better gybes. September 29th - October 4th is the wave sailing week where you can learn how to sail in waves safely, catch and ride the waves with more style, get more air time & improved jumps and loops and see it all on video to help you progress even further.

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