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More news from Bonaire

Whilst here in beautiful Bonaire, we are making a huge catalogue of video footage for our up and coming technique videos. It's the perfect place to film flat water windsurfing, and so we are making the most of the wind, stunning backdrop, flat water and 12 hours a day of sunshine!

We are very excited to announce a new link with Pure Recharge, a young UK based company who are constantly working hard to create awesome Sports Smoothies, designed as the name suggests, to give you a great recharge ready for action, from pure, natural ingredients. Having been using their products occasionally for a few months now we have really felt great benefits from them. They have a small selection of tasty recipes which are best had as smoothies (or porridge on the colder days in the UK). They are perfect for giving you long lasting energy, no hunger for hours and a great boost to get active with. Joe and Dara develop their products with people like us in mind, Joe is a keen windsurfer and martial artist so he really knows how much energy windsurfing needs, and how nutrition can really help us get the most from our sessions, leaving us to focus on the windsurfing without running out of energy early. Check them out on facebook, order some online or try one at Bray Lake Watersports Cafe now!

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