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Another amazing trip to Donegal, Ireland

We are just back from another stunning trip to Donegal, Ireland. We had a few days off which were sadly not windy but we did get some great waves and enjoyed SUPing and learning to Surf. We then had 4 days flat water coaching with

a fantastic group of 19 students. The wind was good to us allowing to get lots of skills practised, as well as some planing time too. The folliwing 6 days we spent at Magheroarty beach, a stunning beach which offers great waves and beautiful scenery. We had 12 students, some learning to get in and out in the waves for the first time, some learning to push themselves higher and harder on their wave rides and jumps. The wind was a great mix, allowing for some powered sessions and some float and ride sessions learning to use the waves much more to maximise the windsurf sessions!

The group we teach in Donegal is mostly from Northern Ireland and we have many regular faces, coming again and again each year. It is great to see the improvement in each person each year, as well as some faces reappearing after a year or 2 off and really getting the bug again!

We have scehduled in the dates for next year and cannot wait, if you have been tempted to go to Ireland to check out the windsurfing and scenery this is the trip for you so get yourself involved. Its definitly one of my favourite places to windsurf and SUP and every year there is so much to learn and so many friendly faces to encourage everyone to keep progressing.

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