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Vassiliki 2016

Phil and I are just back from a couple of weeks in Vassiliki! It was our first trip to the famous Windsurfing resort on the island of Lefkada, we were really interested to go and see the spot which has become so popular with the UK windsurfing community. Our first week, we had a group of 17 students, mostly from the University of Liverpool. A fantastic week was had by all with a mix of wind, some great windsurf sessions with some planning afternoons. Lots of windsurfing, sailing and mountain biking was enjoyed by all. The group loved the coaching and really benefitted from their sessions, with improvements seen all round.

The second week we had a smaller group of 7 (non-university) students, from all over europe. Everyone had a fun week, although the wind wasn't really on our side. The first day gave the advanced sailors some bump and jump to play in with an onshore storm in the morning. After this we had a variety of light wind sessions, some great on-land simulator sessions to master the fast tack, which followed through really well on the water later in the week we had a group of taking ninjas, and finally at the end of the week a little bit of wind to get everyone speeding up. A frustrating week but we got the best out of what wind we had and left our students with plenty to go away and work on.

Liverpool improver group learning to tack
Fans of GW!  Flying Fish students have been loving our videos...

Now we are home its straight back into private coaching this week, a weekend in Weymouth 25th & 26th June, and then off to Ireland for our fantastic coaching sessions out there! Spaces are still available so why not get a last minute place and come and join us!

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