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Water like a pool

Danielle Blasting

It's the time of year when Danielle and I are looking to go away for our winter trip. This year we will be returning to the island of Bonaire for 2 months.

The weather in Bonaire for this time of year is fantastic. With consistant winds and warm shallow water it really is the ultimate flat water windsurfing destination.

During our time there we are going to be very busy with 3 busy coaching weeks booked in and lots of private lessons. We still have some spaces on the coaching weeks so if you fancy some world class coaching in one of the worlds best windsurfing locations get in touch!

Danielle and her new freestyle board
Bonaire sunset sessions

Other then lots of coaching we will be spending free time out on the water windsurfing as much as possible.

We both cant wait to get back out there and improve our freestyle. Danielle has a nice new Starboard Flare 81L to train on, the past 2 years Danielle has been using a Kode freestyle wave and she is now looking forward to practicing her freestyle on a dedicated freestyle board. I will have my nice new 2016 Flare 93 to put through its paces and we have a quiver of the excellent Severne Freeks. We both can't wait to be there. Make sure to keep an eye out for lots more photos and videos.

Phil Loop
Phil Flaka

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