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Dakhla, Morocco

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Located on the Atlantic coast of the Western Sahara in Morocco, Dakhla offers great year-round conditions for wingsurfing.

What are the conditions like?

Warm and windy year-round conditions. What we are looking for are the North trade winds in the wind direction. If it is showing a hint of north then the wind will build to 15-20kts due to a thermal effect in the afternoon.
If the forecast shows good wind then it will be very windy for most of the day 20-30kts


Most of the centers are located at the top of an enormous lagoon. This keeps the water flat and perfect for smooth training conditions the more upwind you go. The chop builds as you head downwind in the lagoon offering nice bumps to ride and amazing downwind rides. The wind is cross shore giving an easy launch and with the other side of the lagoon only 1km across the water the main winging area feels incredibly safe yet offers plenty of space.

Speed spot
When the tide is low Dakhla's famous speed spot is revealed. Steady, clean winds blow across some of the smoothest flat water for 3km stretching towards the stunning sand dunes of the Sahara desert. This is a very special location for hitting personal bests of top speed and amazing conditions for training new skills.

West Point waves.
Located on the ocean side of the peninsula is the wave spot of West Point.
The point break on the outskirts of the city catches the Atlantic waves and provides predictable pealing waves to ride. The headland keeps the waves smooth and the cross to cross off wind makes the riding accessible and instinctive.

How to get to Dakhla?
You can fly to Dakhla from the following airports
Las palmas (canary islands)
Orle' (Paris)

Once you arrive in Dakhla most of the accommodation is situated at the top of the Lagoon and only 20mins from the Airport.
Most of the hotel accommodation is all-inclusive apart from drinks and we would recommend staying up in the Lagoon to make the most of the conditions on offer.


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