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Feedback is so important, essentially our business is about providing you with 'feedback'.  We are giving our students feedback to what they are doing to help them to improve upon it, or to encourage them to continue doing the good things they are already doing.  Please, if you have invested your time into any of the services we offer at Getwindsurfing, we'd love to hear from you to know how it was for you?

Danielle, Thanks so much for the incredible windsurfing lessons! The best I have ever had. I hope to bring fam and friends next year and hopefully they will want lessons too. See you next year. John King, USA

Hi Phil, Danielle and Ella,

I like to thank you, because I enjoyed the weekend very much. Definitely  Contributed to awake the windsurfer in me. Such an positive enthusiasm from you guys and the group you pulled together. It’s clear I can learn a lot from you guys in a fun way, I appreciate your style of teaching.

Anyways Thanks was great meeting you and we will meet again some day.



It’s all so predictable. You just know when you go on a windsurfing trip with Phil and Danielle that you’re going to get top coaching at a fantastic location with a great bunch of people. And I should know as I’ve been under their gentle care many times including Ireland and Morocco.


What’s not quite so obvious is the way Get Windsurfing deliver this. The coaching, including the video feedback, is always positive. No matter how small the progress (well, certainly in my case), you are made to feel like you are progressing.


And it doesn’t surprise me that super fit Phil is often knackered after some days of coaching, because he gives it so much on every level. And he’s always nice about it –even when my mistakes must drive him mad!


So if you want to improve your windsurfing and really enjoy doing it, there is no better team to book with!


Alan Watts, Northern Ireland

Windsurfing Ireland

Phil, what a great instructor you are!!!  It was such a fun, and I learned more than I ever expected with you here in Bonaire. Looking forward to your next clinics in Fuerte and Essaouira. See you soon  :-), Roland from Germany

Lac Bay Bonaire

Thanks for the amazing classes last week! Felt like I learned a lot :) 

Thomas, Holland

Hi Danielle and Phil,


Thank you so much for a fantastic week in Downings. I enjoyed every minute!  I hope you made it safely back to Hayling. Thanks also for sending the photos. It's a great souvenir. 


I had priceless, exiting and adventurous moments and the family had so much fun training with you, too. 

Both made giant leaps improving and it certainly was a breakthrough concerning Andrea and her tricky relationship towards windsurfing. You managed to get her on a 104l finally! I tried that for years and years without success. Thank you so much!!

You 2 are definitely No.1 of the world teaching windsurfing and freestyle!



Bernie, Germany

"Thank you Danielle, Phil.  You both are great instructors.

It's the best feeling when I follow coaching advice and things immediately start to work out right, I see that's it just there what I was missing, I understand my mistakes and see the right way to progress. You have the precious ability to give those hints in the right way, at the right time and follow each of us individually

Plus you are great company and the rest of the chips group too. I'm very happy I randomly happened to meet you all."

Carolina, London/Italy

The instruction you have given me has made a fundamental difference, not just to the quality of my sailing, but also to the amount of enjoyment I get from it! I keep looking at the videos you took in Kos and the thing that pleases me the most is actually how good some of the gybes are, it has really encouraged me to persevere. 

Keep up the good work!

Rob E


"Thanks for creating the great windsurfing instructional videos. I have been working on upwind 360’s for quite some time and could get an occasional one in the straps, but rarely, if ever, out of the straps. With your tips, I was able to nail several of them recently. I have watched videos from others and found yours to be the most straightforward and have the best tips. Well done! For the upwind 360, I found your tip about keeping the mast pointed in to the wind was the key. Thanks!

Your biggest fan in California,



"Thanks again for the lesson, I got a lot out of it and really enjoyed it, please do keep me updated of any sessions you're doing"

Nick, Emsworth UK.

"Since the explanation of Phil, the different movements are much clearer and the sequence is more clear in my head.

So I will continue trying it and it should work!

Thanks again for the good advice, clinic was really good!"

David, Belgium

"I love your videos at Get Windsurfing"

"You guys explain everything so much better !!"

"Just know you guys are Totally appreciated !!"

Cindy, Hawaii​

"Great photos again BTW, really pleased: I had no idea 20 years ago how much pleasure windsurfing photos would give me but I know now how valuable they are!"

Rob, Portsmouth

Hi there!

Im from Chile and I must say you have the best tutorial videos, thank you very much!

Big hug from Reñaca!


José Testart

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