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Amazing weekend on Hayling Island

What a great weekend we have had, the weather was as perfect as it gets in April in the UK, sunny, warm and windy! We had a great morning on the water Saturday, after the rain passed the sun was out and we had a good few hours playtime on 4.7 and 5.2! We could have done a second session too as the wind held a lot longer than expected :)

Sunday we prepared with Pure Recharge for breakfast, the perfect start to keep us energised & we had a great group session down on the seafront, enjoying the perfect conditions to improve skills such as footstraps, planing and gybing. There was many many happy windsurfers down, it was great to see so many familiar faces, all so happy to be out and enjoying the conditions. We then headed back on the water in the afternoon for some freestyle practise with friends, a great end to an awesome April weekend. We also recieved some more Pure Recharge goodies with sachets of their smoothie mixes. They are a really fantastic way to fuel up for an active lifestyle and make us feel great before we hit the water, keeping us going throughout. Looking forward to trying the new flavour too, Strawberry Passion.

Now we are even more fired up about windsurfing here, and our other UK sessions this summer. Next planned is Weymouth May 30/31. Get your space now!!

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