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Maui - Next trip April 2022

A dream location with different spots allowing us to really chose the best for each day.  You do not need to be a wave rider to enjoy Maui, and that is why we offer a wave course and freeride course there. 



Each day we usually have two sessions, with a break at lunchtime and video and picture feedback when appropriate in the evenings. This does depend on the group and the conditions each day, we always stay flexible to try to catch the best we can to suit everyone's learning needs.


We usually work with you for about 5-6 hours each day, but feel free to do as much or as little as you like.


The Conditions

There are a quite few beaches to explore and windsurf.  For the freeride course, a great spot is Kanaha Beach park, where we love rigging under the tall trees, and enjoy great sailing on the inside of the waves, with the chance to venture into the waves too if the session suits it.


For the waves we will check the forecast and move around depending on the conditions.  We are not looking for the gnarliest conditions, just good ones to learn in for everyone.  Of course we will visit Hookipa, maybe just to be inspired by the locals, or even sail it if the conditions are on our side...

The beaches in Maui are really well set up and have great facilities so very nice to hang out at on and off the water.  The climate is great too, warm enough to relax in the shade while watching the action, and the water is warm too so we can windsurf in our boardies :) 


There are a couple of shops where you hire and drive away with your gear, there is nothing to rent on the spots themselves.  This is easy enough and you can change kit through the week if you need to.



We flew over via Canada, however there are many options.  If you chose to bring your own kit its more difficult, best to investigate to suit your needs once you are ready to book your flights.  Email us if you want to ask questions, we can share our experiences and any recent research into flights we have made with you.


There is a wide range of options and it's up to you to chose where you want to be based and how much you want to spend. We can hook you up with others in the group to share if you like, and let you know where to find us if you want to be nearby.  You need a vehicle so it doesn't matter too much where you are, we stayed near Hookipa last time, and then planned Haiku for 2020. Paia is a great base with loads of evening options for eating out if thats your thing, it has a very chilled surfing vibe.


Other Activities

Maui has a lot to offer in terms of other activities, there is diving, snorkelling, boat trips, visiting the volcano, driving the famous Road to Hana (be sure to try the homemade coconut ice-cream on route).  You can also visit the famous Quatro factory and talk board design and construction (and just windsurfing in general) to your hearts content.  The island also has a great food trade with so much local organic produce and a really strong focus on businesses working together as an Island, and not to forget there are some fantastic local beers to try too.

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