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Our courses in Essouaira can offer Bump & jump, 'Introduction to Waves’ and the perfect chance to improve your wave skills.

Perfect for those wanting to improve their coastal sailing and also a great location for an introduction to wave-sailing.  A long sandy beach, Essaouira is a safe location to learn and improve, with varying wind and waves each day you can really enjoy your sessions here, followed by a wander into the Medina for some great dinner and experience of Moroccan culture.

GetWindsurfing Coaching


We run the coaching sessions for 5 days with a day off in the middle. This allows rest and recovery to avoid getting too tired throughout the week and gives you an opportunity to practice on your own.


There are usually 2 sessions each day with a break at lunchtime and video and picture feedback when appropriate in the evenings.


The wind usually starts off as a light breeze in the morning that picks up through the day. It is usually planing conditions by 11am to 1pm. This gives us the perfect opportunity to do our light wind training before applying these skill in the stronger winds. 


Be prepared to hid the water on surfboards and SUPs when the wind is light as this will vastly improve your confidences and your ability in the wave environment.


We usually coach for about 4 - 6 hours each day, but feel free to do as much or as little as you like.


The Conditions


In Essaouira we usually sail right out front of the Ion Club centre. This is usually the best place to start from but the nature of the bay allows you to vary the conditions by moving up and down the beach. If we want smaller waves, we can head upwind towards the town. If we want bigger waves we can head down wind slightly.

The wave in Essaouira is a beach break, underfoot there is just sand no hard rocks to worry about.

Its the perfect location for wave sailing and an ideal place to try it for the first time.





The Ion Club centre at Essaouira has a big selection of the latest North Sails and Fanatic Boards for all levels and conditions.


For those looking to bring their own equipment please get in touch with us so we can advise you on how best to do this and what to bring.




Flights to Morocco are cheap for this time of year when booked in advance.

You have options of flying to Marrakesh, Agadir or to Essaouira itself.

The Transfer time from Essaouira is about 20 mins, Marrakesh 2.5 hours and Agadir 3 hours.

Once you are in Essaouira you can walk everywhere you need to go but if you are feeling tired from a long day on the water there are plenty of cheap taxis available.




There are a whole host of options to choose from to suit any budget or preference from 5* hotels, rented apartments and even hostel accommodation. 


Essaouira, Morocco

The Town & Eating Out.


The main part of Essaouira is a large walled city called the medina. In the Medina you can find hundreds of shops and restaurants for everyones taste and preference. It is traditionally a very artistic city with lots of wood work, sculpture and paintings on display and there is always some live music happening somewhere in Essaouira.


Eating out in Essaouira there are hundreds of options to chose from, usually a blend of Moroccan and French cuisine available, but there are also plenty of interesting street stalls and lots of fresh fish as Essaouira is a thriving fishing port.


For those that like to self cater there are many small food stalls in the medina market or a super market 15 mins walk away from the windsurf centre


Other Activities.


In Essaouira there is plenty to see and do while not windsurfing. Firstly there are some amazing waves here that are perfect for SUP or Surfing and lots of places where boards are available.

Exploring the Medina is never dull with lots to see and do.

Your trip to Morocco would not be complete without a local offering you a camel ride.

There is a golf course local to Essaouira that is only 6km away.

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