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Palekastro, Crete

The small Greek village of Palekastro offers the perfect setting for windsurfing on Kouremenos beach, with great conditions and a fantastic realxed atmosphere for all to enjoy.

GetWindsurfing Coaching


We run the coaching sessions for 5 days with a day off in the middle. This allows rest and recovery to avoid getting too tired throughout the week and gives you an opportunity to practice on your own.

There are usually 2 sessions each day with a break at lunchtime and video and picture feedback when appropriate in the evenings.

The wind here usually lasts all day long leaving plenty of time for action on the water without the feeling of having to rush to catch the wind. 

We usually coach for about 5 - 6 hours each day, but feel free to do as much or as little as you like.


The Conditions


Kouremenos is a big sandy beach has flat water with a little chop on the way out that is ideal for doing small jumps and tricks while staying flat enough to work on all the flatwater skills.

The wind here gets funneled down the mountains and is often windier than the surrounding area.



The Freak Surf centre has equipment from JP & Neil Pryde for all ability levels and conditions.


For those looking to bring their own equipment please get in touch with us so we can advise you on how best to do this and what to bring.




Fly to Heraklion from there we have to head to the far East side of the island of Crete. The drive is simple and car rental prices start from around €140 a week.



Apartment rentals available. Early booking is needed for this popular location.


The Town


Palekastro there are lots of options for eating out with some very affordable Gyros and Sovalaki to other traditional and delicious Greek food There is also a good selection of bars and cafes for post windsurfing drinks and parties at the beach and in the town.


For those that like to self cater there are many small supermarkets in Palekastro or a big supermarket 30-40 mins away in Sitea.


Other Activities


The Island is also very popular for bike enthusiasts and there are rental options for mountain bikes at the windsurf centre or in town.


It is also a great island to explore, find small beaches and local Greek villages with lots of history and archaeological sites on the island.

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