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Windsurfing is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle.

Whether it's your first time, or you have been windsurfing for years, join us, Phil and Danielle, for Getwindsurfing Coaching and we will help you get the best from your sessions.  We will not only help you improve your skills, we can guide you to amazing spots all over the world & introduce you to so many other enthusiastic, passionate windsurfers along the way.

Due to Covid 19 our 2020 courses have been somewhat disrupted.  Please do get in touch with us via email - - for any of our courses you are interested in and we can answer your questions personally.  We will be doing as much as possible in the UK as soon as restrictions allow us to, hopefully end of April onwards, so if you can join us, please do be in touch! 

Thanks for your understanding and patience, we wish you all well during such challenging times.

Don't forget to check out our home training videos on our YouTube channel to keep you busy during lockdown or isolation. Click here for more.

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