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Brouwersdam, Holland

The windsurfing at Brouwersdam is fantastic.  It is a great place to learn and improve, with shallow water in places, and plenty of space to blast and practice. There is a world-class windsurf centre with a brilliant range of equipment, and a stylish shop, bar and restaurant on-site too.


GetWindsurfing Coaching


The coaching session for 2023 is 4 days, over a long weekend.  Some private coaching may be possible before or after this, just ask.


There are usually 2 sessions each day with a break at lunchtime and video and picture feedback when appropriate. Days are approximately 10 am - 5 pm, both wind and group dependant we stay flexible where possible.

Be prepared to hit the water in all winds to break-down and improve your skills in slow motion or at full speed.

We usually coach on and off the water for about 5 - 6 hours each day, but feel free to do as much or as little as you like.


The Conditions


The water is flat, some large areas are standing depth, but there is plenty of blasting room further out too.  The winds vary, so we will help you to make the most of whatever conditions are thrown our way each course, to improve your skills and work towards your goals.





There is rental at, you can do it by the hour or day, no need to pre-book.  Rent full kit or just a board or sail to use with your own equipment when needed.  Otherwise, bring your own equipment to train on, we can help you with the set-up and tuning to ensure you are getting the best from your gear too.



Most people stay in Oudorp or Renesse, there are many options to be found online, with a lot of holiday parks too for those who like to bring motorhomes.  

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